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Information about airlines

You have booked and saved on-Bravoavia and... finally the day of the departure has come!

Airline companies supply precise travel information regarding check-in and luggage, and low cost airlines have a fee for reservation changes.

Before leaving check the travelling conditions of the airline with which you have reserved the flight. Please do so by using the pull down menu below. Furthermore, please take note of the new safety rules in European Union airports.

Please select the name of the airline to check their fees for reservation changes, check-in and luggage policies and travelling conditions:

Have any doubts about the reservation you have just made?
Can't find the answers in the frequent questions section?
Just call us at this number +39 0423 402040.

Can’t find the airline?
If the airline is not listed please phone our call center on this number +39 0423 402040 to find the travel information, change of name, date and destination conditions.
Click here for information about our customer service

Booking changes/cancellations must be made by telephone at least 24 hours prior to flight departure, from Monday to Sunday, from 9.00 AM to 9.00 PM, contacting our telephone number 00442071006746.

As for booking change requests (route change, departure date / return date change, passenger name change) we will attend to contact the airline / provider you have selected in order to verify if the requested change is feasible.

Please note that changes are not always feasible and all requests are subject to authorisation by the airline.


Some important points of note
1. Changes and/or cancellation requests are to be requested by telephone, at least 24 hours prior to flight departure.
2. For Sunday and Monday departures, you must contact us by the Friday.
3. Some fares and some airline tickets are non-refundable or may entail booking surcharges. Select the airline from the above table for their regulations.
4. Fees explained:
4.1 Change requested by passenger: 5,00 Euros handling fee per passenger, per route is applicable. If you have purchased Assistance Package* with us however, no handling fee is applied to making a change to your booking.

4.2 Refund requests explained in the table below

Cancellation by Passenger Handling fee charged
20 Euros per refund request
Handling fee not charged Handling fee not charged Non refundable
Schedule Change / Cancellation by Airline Handling fee charged
20 EUROS per refund request
Handling fee charged
20 Euros per refund request
Handling fee not charged Refundable

*Our assistance packages incorporate several added value services from travel insurance to a dedicated customer service. The following “Assistance packages” can be purchased, where available during the booking process: Scacciapensieri, NoProblem, Volaflex TOP, Bravo Compensation, Full Flex.

4.3 Failure to use your ticket will result in a voucher being issued in accordance with the timings specified in art. 4.3 of our purchasing terms and conditions. As per the aforementioned article, the handling fee consists of: 20 Euros fixed fee, plus a deduction of 20% on the refund value from the airline with the already deducted fixed fee. We issue a voucher with a minimum value of 10 Euros and apply a maximum handling fee of 80 Euros.

Please note in all of the above cases payments settled in non- Euro currency, the handling fee will be converted into the transaction currency used by the passenger.


You may also request, by contacting our customer service, for any additional services offered by airlines (offered by the airline either on payment or free of charge).

As for requests for any additional services (offered by the airline either on payment or free of charge) we will attend to contact the selected airline in order to verify if the requested additional service is feasible.

We remind you that:

  1. Requests for any additional services (offered by the airline either on payment or free of charge ) are to be submitted, by telephone, no later than 48 hours prior to flight departure: dial number +39 0423 402040, Mon-Sun, 24h/24. We can’t guarantee that we will work out any possible requests submitted via email.
  2. As for departures on Sundays and Mondays, please contact us no later than Friday.
  3. In case of any additional services (offered by the airline either on payment or free of charge) requested by passenger , an additional cost will be charged, per passenger, as for agency fees (as for payments settled into non- Euro currency, agency fees will be converted into the transaction currency used by passenger): their amount will be at most 20,00 euro per booking, as it follows:
Additional service Agency fees per passenger
Extra baggage 3,50 euro
Speedy boarding 3,50 euro
Assistance for web check-in 3,50 euro

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