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Before booking your easyJet flight we invite you to get informed about easyJet's policy regarding baggage, check-in and any specific rules and charges applied by easyJet for booking changes and cancellations.

Kindly note that changes of bookings can only be accepted by telephone.

About easyJet

easyJet Airbus A319

Credits: easyJet airline company limited,
all rights reserved. Source: easyJet.com.

easyJet Airline Company Limited, known as easyJet, is an english airline company created in 1995. It is the largest British airline in terms of passenger numbers. easyJet operates flights on more than 500 different routes between 118 airports in Europe, Africa and West Asia.

is one of the main, low cost airlines in the world. With 45 million passengers carried in 2009, easyJet is the second largest european low cost airline after Ryanair.

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