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Your booking with Bravoavia

What happens when I authorize the payment for my booking?

When you authorize a payment for a flight, the amount of the booking is automatically blocked on your credit card by our system. At this stage of the booking process the amount is not yet debited - it is only “frozen”. When we block the money on your card, we do not withdraw any money until the booking is confirmed by the airline.

By blocking this amount, we are able to purchase the flight from the airline because we are assured that the agreed funds will be available when the transaction with the airline occurs. This is advantage both for you and for us since we will proceed to close your booking but you will not be debited until the flight is confirmed by the airline.

After you authorize the payment, one of the following situations may occur:

  1. The airline immediately confirms the flight: in this case the transaction is completed and your booking is confirmed at the same time. 
  2. The airline does not immediately confirm your flight reservation, due to problems on the airline company’s part: in this case the sum blocked on your account permits us to hold the reservation even when the airline is experiencing problems, so that the booking can be completed later. BUT:
    1. If the flight is not confirmed because the rate you have chosen sold out in the short period of time between your online booking and the confirmation of the airline: in this case we send you a message to let you know that the rate has changed. When this happens, Bravoavia immediately communicates to the bank the payment cancellation and no amount is charged to the credit card
    2. The peculiarity of credit card payments could involve, according to the specific rules of each credit card Issuer, in a temporary hold of the amount you should have to pay in case of booking confirmation, that it may take several days. The time actually required to release the sum differed from to another credit card Issuer (usually from 3 to 20 days). This means that the “frozen” amount cannot be immediately released not because of Bravoavia, but because the credit card circuits need some time before they can unfreeze the money. However you can, as authorized interlocutor, contact the credit card Issuer in order to request information about it and so reduce the sum time release.