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For any information concerning with the commercial spaces on the Bravofly group network, you can contact the advertising concessionaire of the group:

Batala, The Ad Sales Company

Via Inganni, 84 - 20147 Milan, Italy
E-mail: batala@batala.it

The project

Thanks to high standard of technology offered to our users, we are currently integrating in a single site all the functions necessary to search, select and book a flight or a holiday at the cheapest fares.

There are currently 5 online sites which are the centre of 5

Volagratis.com – The low-cost flight search engine
Viaggiare.it – The traveller’s magazine
Tablethotels.it – Unique Hotels for modern travellers
Bravofly.com – The site focused on international markets
VolagratisPro.it – The site for Travel Agents only

Bravofly is a growing success…

The launching of the search engine is the first step toward the implementation of the Bravofly project:
it is a mix of integrated multimedia services for users who are searching for all kind of information, giving them the opportunity to compare different offers and to book travels both for tourism as well as for business. 
Available data show that Bravofly has already achieved good results.

Unique users:
Almost 450.000 unique users visit Bravofly every month (the daily average is 30.000 visits).

User profile
Bravofly users confirm a general trend of the tourism sector: women are the main buyer of online booking services, standing for a good 55% out of the total.

Available data show that the users who buy Bravofly services are mostly middle-aged users, while younger users seem more to surf  the net without purchasing.

79% of users can be included in the 31-61 age group, 4% is older than 60 years.

91% of  Bravofly users have a High School Diploma, while 36% has a University degree.
36% of  our users are employees and 20% are freelance professionals.
38% of  Bravofly users visit the site at least once a week , 22% of which after receiving of the newsletter.

78% of the users visit the site at least once a month, while 22% is going to leave.

70% of users use Bravofly to plan their holidays, 19% of users, use it for business travel.

Bravofly clients show a high rate of customer retention for the services offered, confirming the high performance of the services offered in terms of saving time and money: 45% of users bought a ticket, 26 % bought 2 tickets while 22% bought 3 to 5 tickets. 8% bought more than 5 tickets.


As you can see Bravofly is one of the favourite sites in Europe since it is user-friendly, useful and you can always rely on a competent customer care support.



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